UTC Warrington inspires young people

It may be a cliché to say that a college inspires young people to achieve their potential. At UTC Warrington, we are proud to say this is true. Our students are more than just learners. They are open minded young people with great ambitions and a wealth of stride to reach them.

The UTC model is unique in what it provides. Our community of students do not simply turn up at 8am and spend hour upon hour copying text. We are a ‘hands on’ academy with Warrington’s most advanced specialist engineering and technical equipment – from laser cutters to bionic arms to a phenomenal ground floor work shop. We are proud to be a home to these facilities and even more delighted that our students have instant access to equipment that can enhance their prospects when they leave UTC Warrington.

Our students tell a greater story. Christopher Hankey confesses the UTC model has helped transform his outlook:

“I think the links with employers have made a huge difference to my confidence – the first time I ever presented to more than a handful of people was in front of fifty guests from Sellafield and their supply chain, it was nerve wracking but now I really enjoy doing it.”
Baker Dearing Trust

The UTC model is not for everyone. Warrington and the surrounding areas are home to a number of fantastic schools, colleges, and sixth forms. There is a gap amongst all of these for an academy that prepares young people for the world of industry work. With thousands of jobs within a thirty-minute drive of Warrington, we are a leading UTC, providing students with the skills and qualities for practical work and commercialisation too.

Our class sizes are small which allows for greater personal interaction between tutor and learner, allowing us to encourage students to achieve in their work and prepare them for work placements.

Chris’ father, Samuel, tells the Baker Dearing Trust of the change he has seen in his son since he started at UTC Warrington:

“One of the main differences I’ve noticed between the UTC and his old school is that Christopher is really being pushed to reach and surpass his potential. Being brand new there were no results or statistics to back up the promises the school was making but Christopher had done his research and he was sure this was the best thing for him. His ambition has grown too and he quickly became eager to get into the workplace which resulted in him getting a Saturday job.”
Baker Dearing Trust

It is examples like Chris that demonstrate what UTC Warrington is about. We are providing local young people with opportunities. Opportunities to learn, opportunities to work, and opportunities to believe.

Our teachers are passionate about their subjects; our employer partners provide motivational guidance to students in the form of masterclasses, tutorials, and work placement opportunities. The number of students heading off to university isn’t the crucial figure for us at UTC Warrington. We want every student to leave with prospects of apprenticeships, employment, or further education.

Our talented young community around Warrington are the UK’s future skilled engineers, scientists, leaders, and decision-makers. At UTC Warrington, we are inspiring them to reach their potential and beyond.