First impressions count. We want all UTC Warrington students to have a competitive edge. Our students will regularly work alongside university and employer partners; we want them to look professional and integrate seamlessly.

The dress code is underpinned by a common sense approach. Ambiguities surrounding it should focus around the question ‘would you wear that to a formal job interview?’

The Principal & Chief Executive retains the final decision on all matters relating to the dress code. Repeated defiance of the dress code will result in parents being contacted and students being told to return home for appropriate attire.

The dress code will be reviewed annually. Students and parents views will be sought before any changes are implemented.

All students must wear a UTC Warrington Lanyard and ID Card when around the college building.


At UTC Warrington, students need to arrive at college fully prepared and equipped for their day.

Bags should fit in with the dress code. The preferred bag for both male and female students is a black or brown leather satchel. Experience tells us that rucksacks can damage the shoulders of students’ suits hence the request for a satchel.

On days students have PE on their timetable, they are also permitted to carry a holdall. This should be stored in a locker when not needed and returned to the locker after the lesson.

[vc_toggle title=”Male Dress Code” style=”round_outline” size=”lg”]
  • 2 piece matching formal suit in navy blue, blue, black or grey
  • Optional matching waistcoat, V-neck jumper
  • Plain black or brown shoes
  • Dark socks
  • UTC Warrington tie
  • Key Stage 4 – white shirt with top button fastened
  • Key Stage 5 – any coloured shirt with top button fastened
  • Cufflinks are acceptable

The following guidelines will also apply:

  • No round neck jumpers
  • No logos or overt branding
  • No white socks
  • No casual jackets
  • No jeans or chinos

6th form students may opt for smart dress chinos and formal shirt with tie. We ask that all students come dressed smartly and professionally, reflecting the world of work and business.[/vc_toggle]

[vc_toggle title=”Female Dress Code” style=”round_outline” size=”lg”]
  • Matching formal suit in navy blue, blue, black or grey. This should include a blazer type jacket and trousers or skirt.
  • Optional cardigan or V-neck jumper
  • Black or brown shoes. Heels are limited to 2.5 inches.
  • Dark socks or tights (optional)
  • UTC Warrington tie or neck scarf
  • Key Stage 4 – white shirt with stiff collar
  • Key Stage 5 – any coloured shirt or blouse

The following guidelines will also apply:

  • No casual boots or fashion items
  • No sandals or shoes with an open toe
  • No coloured tights
  • No logos or overt branding
  • No casual jackets
  • No jeans or chinos
[vc_toggle title=”Sports Kit” style=”round_outline” size=”lg”]The UTC Warrington Nike PE kit currently consists of:

  • UTC Warrington branded t-shirt
  • UTC Warrington branded shorts
  • UTC Warrington branded hoody
  • UTC Warrington training pants (optional)

These items are available on Parent Pay. Students will also require suitable footwear for the sports they are participating in.[/vc_toggle]