The inspection handbook is very clear, in paragraph 185, that ‘Outcomes for Pupils’ must be judged as a combination of academic progress from pupils’ starting points and the attainment of relevant qualifications so they can and do, progress to the next stage of their education and into good quality courses. For this, UTCW qualifies in both respects.

Below you will find a summary of our 2018 results and destination data.

The employer engagement links, master classes and workshops provided by the UTC mean that pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment and are on track to attain relevant qualifications selected with employers and higher education establishments.

 KS4 Destinations 2018 

Destination UTC %
Staying at UTC 63.9
Sixth Form College 24.1
Apprenticeship 7.41
Further Education 3.7
Employment 1
  • 0% NEET
  • Above national take up of apprenticeship 7.41% compared to 6% nationally.
  • Sustain education destination 90% nationally, UTC 99%

KS5 Destinations for KS5 Outcomes strong when compared to national data.

Destination UTC % National UTC % National % (Oct 2017 data)
University 27.9 43 60
Apprenticeship 30.2 20 6
Employment 23.3
Gap Year 4
Not Given 3
Further Education 1
Other 1
  • National sustained education or employment destination 91%, UTC projected at 96%
  • National sustained employment destination 19%, UTC projected 23.3% +
  • National sustained education destination 72%, UTC projected 79.1% +

Because our pupils are so well set on their courses in 2018-19, we fully expect our NEETs in 2019 to be zero.

The School Performance Tables can be found on the DfE website.