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Subject Grade 4+ 2022 Average Progress in grades from starting at the UTC 
Maths 58% 0.8
English Language 52% 0.6
English Literature 56% 0.6
Biology 100% 1.3
Chemistry 100% 1.0
Physics 100% 1.3
Double Science 45% 0.9
Geography 71% 1.4
Construction 100% 2.3
Computer Science 50% -0.2
Engineering Level 2 63%
Grade 4+ in both English and Maths 46%

The UTC Progress measure is progress from starting at the UTC.

Students at the UTC make exceptionally good progress during this time.

Progress 8 (P8) does not apply to UTCs and any published P8 score is not an appropriate measure.


Sixth Form Results 2022

UTC 2022
Technical Engineering
Average grade (BTEC National) Distinction
Institution Av. Point score 90.8
National average 77.1
Difference (grades) +1.4
Civil Engineering 
Average grade (BTEC National) Distinction
Institution Av. Point score 70
National average 37
Difference (grades) +3.3
Applied General 
Average grade (BTEC National) Merit+
Average grade (BTEC National) Merit+
Art (average grade) D
Mathematics (average grade) D-

The post 16 progress measure is from GCSE results to BTEC/A level results.

A score of 0.00 shows national expected progress, a positive score of 1.00 shows progress of one grade above national, a negative score of -1.00 shows progress of one grade below average.

In 2022, 50% of our year 13 leavers progressed on to higher or degree apprenticeships.

The employer engagement links, master classes and workshops provided by the UTC mean that pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment and are on track to attain relevant qualifications selected with employers and higher education establishments.