First impressions count. We want all UTC Warrington students to have a competitive edge and demonstrate professional standards. Our students will regularly work alongside university and employer partners; we want them to look professional and integrate seamlessly.

Key Stage 4 Dress Code

The dress code for Key Stage 4 students consists of:

  • Navy Chinos or navy work-wear trousers or black school trousers with the UTCW logo
  • Blue polo shirt with the UTCW logo*
  • Blue Hoodie or Blue soft shell jacket with UTCW Logo*
  • Low heeled, plain black shoes or black trainers. These must not be sports style trainers and must be completely black

*Current Year 11’s may continue to wear the Navy soft shell jacket they wore during Year 10 and any employer branded shirts

The following items are not permitted: Sports or material based trainers, jackets and outdoor coats, jeans. The dress code is underpinned by a common sense approach. Ambiguities surrounding it should focus around the question ‘would you wear that to a formal job interview?’

The Principal & Chief Executive retains the final decision on all matters relating to the dress code. Repeated defiance of the dress code will result in parents being contacted and students being told to return home for appropriate attire.

The dress code will be reviewed annually. Students and parents views will be sought before any changes are implemented.

All students must wear a UTC Warrington Lanyard and ID Card when around the college building.

6th form dress code 

Our sixth form dress code reflects the high expectations of the school and is based on the dress codes of our Employer Sponsors. 


All sixth form students: 

  • are role models for the younger students in the school and have a responsibility to model appropriate dress and appearance; 
  • are representatives of Warrington UTC and our University and Employer Sponsors. Their dress and appearance must,therefore, project apositive and professional image at all times. Our dress code takes into account the broad range of activities that sixth form students engage in during the working day.  


General Principles: 

  • Clothing must be professional or smart-casual attire;
  • Clothing should be clean and in a good state of repair;
  • Visible tattoos are discouraged and must be discreetand inoffensive; 
  • Unless otherwise stipulated for health and safetyreasons ( workshops), jewellery may be worn, including a single nose stud. Other facial piercings should be removed (retainers are permitted);  
  • Nail varnish and acrylic nails are allowed, but nails mustbe kept to a reasonable length for health and safetyreasons. 


The following attire is acceptable:  

  • Shirts;
  • Smart polo shirts;
  • Smart Casual t-shirts;
  • Blouses/smart tops. Necklines should not reveal cleavage. Sleeveless blouses/tops are allowed but straps must be at least 5 cm wide. No ‘strappy’ or strapless tops. Cropped-tops are not permitted;
  • Smart dresses. Dresses should be no shorter than 4 inches above the knee. Necklines should not reveal cleavage. Sleeveless dresses are allowed but straps must be at least 5 cm wide. No ‘strappy’ or strapless dresses; 
  • Smart skirts. Skirts should be no shorter than 4 inches above knee; 
  • Smart, tailored full-length or ¾ length trousers, work-wear trousers or chinos. 
  • Smart denim jeans. Ripped or distressed denim jeans are not permitted. Tracksuit or jogging bottoms are not permitted; 
  • Smart, tailored Bermuda shorts in summer. No denim or sports shorts; 
  • Smart shoes/sandals. Smart trainers are permitted. No flip flops; 
  • Ties may be worn but are not compulsory.


For health and safety reasons:  

  • the appropriate protective clothing and footwear must be worn in workshops and Science labs; 
  • ties should not be worn in workshops or when carrying out science experiments. 


The Head of College (HOC) has the final say on whether clothing and appearance is appropriate. If a sixth form student’s clothing or appearance is not deemed appropriate, the HOC or SLT will speak to the student concerned and ensure the situation is rectified. 

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