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At the UTC we have very high aspirations for our student’s future destinations. We are excited and encouraged by the diversity of industry partners and employers who are seeking to recruit our students into the STEM sectors and we cannot wait to see where our student’s futures will take them.

We will be keeping in contact with our Alumni and ensuring they continue to be an embedded aspect of the UTC to raise aspirations of our current students supporting, guiding and mentoring them into their future destinations and careers.

If you are a former student and are interested in being part of the UTC Warrington Alumni team please get in touch, we would love to see how you’re getting on and to hear about the fantastic jobs, apprenticeships and academic careers you are now involved in.

Moneka Duffy

“I am looking forward to working with Sellafield to develop my interests in design engineering. During my time at the UTC, I’ve had the chance to develop my skills in technical design and now I can pursue my interest in engineering with a leading company.

I gained work experience with Airbus whilst at the UTC and this has helped me understand the concepts in my aeronautical engineering qualification and gave me the determination to secure this apprenticeship.”

Will Arnold

“Since joining UTC Warrington in 2017, I have always had my eye on an apprenticeship as I valued the earning and learning culture. The college gave me an insight into Engineering that I previously never had and the variety of work placements, trips and networking with employers put me on the right path to securing my role as Project Controls Apprentice with Wood PLC.

UTCW is different from a typical school. I didn’t enjoy my previous school and felt I was just a number. It was a more personal experience at the UTC with staff working hard to help me and making new friends with the same interests as me.

I developed valuable character skills by being a part of the CCF (cadets) and putting myself forward as Head Boy as I felt I could do a good job. These have both helped give me the confidence to successfully compete against others.”

Tyler Smith

“I joined UTC Warrington in 2017 because of its focus on engineering. Some say it is a narrow curriculum, but this is exactly what I wanted! I gained a better understanding of design engineering and manufacturing during my time at the college and being at UTCW has been good to get me a head start in applying and securing an apprenticeship.

I doubt I would have even considered an apprenticeship if I had stayed at my old school. Now I will be moving to Birmingham to study for a year as part of an apprenticeship in the maintenance of robotics in a pharmaceutical company.”

Rebecca Flynn

“Sixth Form has built up my confidence and I don’t think I would have been able to secure my apprenticeship at Cavendish Nuclear without learning how to act in an interview and presentation situation. Without the college working closely with Cavendish, I wouldn’t have known about the new and exciting adventure I’m about to begin as a Mechanical Design Apprentice.”

Jack Davenport

“I am looking forward to starting a degree apprenticeship in Aerospace Engineering. This means I will be sponsored to do this degree whilst learning on the job with BAE Systems.

The UTC has provided me with good opportunities such as work placements, links with MMU and employers coming in and working with us during the college day. The staff team are also really helpful in making sure your CV and applications stand out from the crowd.

My confidence grew throughout my time college with opportunities such as NCS, so much so that I expected to get this role because of my experience. I am now looking forward to great future career in aeronautical engineering.”


George Garner

“Through studying at UTC Warrington, I’ve had the chance to develop my technical skills in an engineering environment and focus on pursuing my interest in project controls. Gaining work experience whilst studying for this BTEC Engineering qualification gave me the determination to secure an apprenticeship after college.

I am excited to start my position at Cavendish Nuclear as a Project Controls Apprentice. It’s going to provide me with brand new opportunities and I’m really looking forward to becoming a STEM ambassador with the company so that I can inspire the UTC’s future students.”

Declan Ferrabee

“The opportunity to use the specialist equipment drew me to the UTC because I knew that I would gain skills not available at other colleges. Being able to learn how to use CAD has exposed me to professional, industry standard program which has set me up for my new role at Cavendish. I chose to pursue the apprenticeship route because I wanted to continue learning with a hands on approach.

Getting to the chance to work for Cavendish is really exciting and I’m looking forward to using the skills I’ve already gained at UTC Warrington and learning new skills from professional engineers in the nuclear field.”