Ofsted Report Update

UTC Warrington is officially Good in all areas.

UTC Warrington had its first Ofsted inspection on 14th - 15th May 2019. We are delighted that the work of all staff and students at the UTC has been formally recognised by Ofsted.

At UTC Warrington, we deliver a high quality academic and technical curriculum, with support from our employer and university partners, to deliver a unique learning experience for our students, linking all aspects of our specialisms - Science, Technology and Engineering.

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“The curriculum is closely matched to the college’s aim to prepare pupils to be ready for work in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (STEM) and other careers. A very low number of pupils leave the college without continuing their education or taking up apprenticeships.” Ofsted 2019

“The quality of teaching in the sixth form is good. As in the rest of the college, teachers are knowledgeable about their subjects and are respected by students.” Ofsted 2019.
“The college has developed and improved over its first three years. Leaders and other staff have worked together to ensure that it provides a good quality of education.” Ofsted 2019.

“Leaders have ensured that the college has rapidly developed and improved in its first three years. It has already become successful in ensuring that pupils have the skills and experience they need for their futures. Pupils are well prepared for apprenticeships, further and higher education, and longer-term careers in STEM employment. This means that they are ready to contribute to industry that is important in the local area and nationally.” Ofsted 2019

“Pupils pay attention in class and behave respectfully towards their teachers and each other.” Ofsted 2019


“The college has a calm and hard-working atmosphere.” Ofsted 2019

“Leaders of the college ensure that the requirements of the 16 to 19 study programmes are met. They have greatly extended their partnerships with local and national employers to provide meaningful work experience for students. Leaders use industrial visits very effectively to enliven the curriculum and prepare students for life at work.” Ofsted 2019