Latest figures supplied by the Nuclear Industry Association (NIA) show that the majority of jobs in the nuclear sector are in the North West. 

The NIA’s jobs map shows that there are approximately 64,000 people employed by the nuclear industry across the UK. For those in North West England, the chance of a career in the industry are high – 26,358 out of the 64,000 are based in the NW, the equivalent to two in five of the nuclear jobs being based in the region.

Warrington is in a prime position – Sellafield, Cavendish Nuclear, and Wood PLC are all based on Birchwood Park, a thriving hub for nuclear engineering. A short distance away is the National Nuclear Laboratory and Heysham Power Station, which when combined with the other nuclear companies in the North West, contributed £4.3 billion to the UK economy in 2016.

UTC Warrington is already working with companies from the sector by supporting apprenticeships and training students to become the future talent within the industry. Around 2,000 apprenticeships across the nuclear industry are training young people to become a graduate currently employed within the nuclear industry.

Lee Barber, Principal & Chief Executive of UTC Warrington, says the nuclear sector is of great importance to the UTC’s students:

“Having worked with Sellafield Ltd and Wood PLC for a number of years now, it is compelling to see the resources and opportunities available to our own students when they leave the UTC. The news that there are more jobs in the North West in the nuclear engineering sector is great news for young people who inspire to be the next generation of apprentices and graduates.”

“We are fortunate enough to be within close proximity to Birchwood Park, and to work with senior directors of the companies who occupy the site. There is no doubt in my mind that UTC Warrington students benefit greatly from the wealth of expertise that comes from those organisations who work and support us on a regular basis.”

Tom Greatex, Chief Executive of the Nuclear Industry Association, says that the nuclear sector is continuing to bring value to many communities across the UK, as well as life long, high quality jobs:

“The nuclear sector in the North West is a vital part of the UK’s industrial heritage and will continue to play an important part of a diversified and low carbon footprint for the UK.”

“It’s important the economic potential of future new build projects planned for across the country is not underestimated and continuing to encourage talent into the sector to meet our current and future needs is vital.”