The Proprietor of UTC Warrington is the ‘UTC Warrington Trust’.

The Trust’s registered office is:
UTC Warrington
Dallam Lane

Company Registration Number: 8714780 (England & Wales)

University Technical College Warrington – Trust Board Members 

Name Role Appointed Resigned Appointing Body
L Barber Principal & Chief Executive 01/09/2016 Trust Board
I Cumming Trustee 12/03/2018 Members
N Gilligan Parent Trustee 16/05/2017 Trust Board
M Houghton Chair of Trustees 01/09/2016 Members
J McCann Trustee 01/09/2016 Members
A McManus Trustee 01/09/2016 Members
S Park Trustee 01/09/2016 Members
J Patterson Trustee 01/09/2016 Members
R Smith Trustee 07/12/2016 Members
J Thomason Parent Trustee 12/03/2018 Trust Board

Chair of Governors: Mike Houghton

The Chair of Governors can be contacted at:
UTC Warrington
Dallam Lane

Governing Body

The Department for Education Governors Handbook identifies three core strategic functions for school Governing Bodies:

  1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.
  2. Holding the Principal to account for the educational performance of the school and its students, and the performance management of staff.
  3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

At UTC Warrington, we are fortunate to have a supportive and dedicated Governing Body. Its members bring a wide range of skills, knowledge and experiences. Members of our Governing Body give freely their time to ensure the continued improvement and success of our school. Their commitment and expertise is a vital element of the college.

The Governing Body meets regularly, either as a full group or within sub-groups dedicated to particular areas of school management. Decisions are made at the sub groups and then ratified at meetings of the full Governing Body.

Governor Information and Business Interests

Name Role Date appointed Relevant business and pecuniary interests Trusteeships and governorships at other educational establishments/charities Personal relationships with the trust employees or other members/trustees/governors Date interest declared
L Barber Principal & Chief Executive 01/09/2016 None None None 23/11/2018
I Cumming Trustee 12/03/2018 None None None 23/11/2018
N Gilligan Trustee 16/05/2017 None None None 29/06/2017
M Houghton Chair of Trustees 01/09/2016 Programme Director of Wood PLC Member of Mosaic Academy Trust None 23/11/2018
J McCann Trustee 01/09/2016 Employee of Manchester Metropolitan University None None 23/11/2018
A McManus Trustee 01/09/2016 None None None 26/09/2018
S Park Trustee 01/09/2016 Employee of Warrington Borough Council (LA) None None 23/11/2018
J Patterson Trustee 01/09/2016 None Governor at Glazebury CE Primary School None 23/11/2018
R Smith Trustee 07/12/2016 Employee of Manchester Metropolitan University – Faculty of Education None None 26/09/2018
J Thomason Trustee 12/03/2018 Director/Company Secretary of Simian Risk Management Ltd and Simian Skill Ltd None None 26/11/2018

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