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Class of 2020 – Callum Prescott is excited to continue studying at the UTC

By 24th August 2020August 27th, 2020No Comments

16-year-old Callum joined the UTC in Year 9 to study his GCSEs in Triple Science, Maths, Business Studies and IT. He is looking forward to new opportunities continuing studying at the UTC in sixth form in September.

He said: “I moved to the UTC for more career opportunities. It also focussed more on subjects I was interested in, so I could do better in those.”

Callum is really pleased with his results. He said: “I got a 5 in Maths, a Merit in Business and 5 in Sciences.” He is awaiting his IT grade.

He said: “I enjoyed that the school offered more subjects to what I’d been able to do at an average school. I really liked being able to specialise in IT. My favourite project was coding Lego robot cars out of robo-technics.”

Callum enjoyed work experience whilst at the UTC: “I did work experience whilst at the UTC with Cavendish Nuclear. We did team building and worked on a presentation about the company in groups.”

Talking about the skills he’s developed, Callum said: “I’ve developed in confidence at the UTC. We’ve worked a lot on speaking at interviews and with people higher up, and we’ve done lots of career prep too. I think I’m more resilient too, having worked on lots of different projects at the UTC.”

Callum has chosen to stay at the UTC for sixth form. He said: “I’m staying at the UTC to study A Level Maths and specialise in Cyber. I’m happy to be staying on and looking forward to studying Cyber most. The UTC work with Fujitsu and I’m excited to be able to work on projects like that with employers. That’s one of the main reasons why I stayed at the UTC.”

The UTC has prepared Callum well for his future: “It’s developed my confidence but also allowed me to experience the workplace and how that works. The UTC has an adult atmosphere too, and you can wear business dress.

“In the future I’d either like to go into an apprenticeship In cyber security or possibly university.”

To anyone thinking of joining the UTC, Callum would say: “To someone thinking of joining the UTC in Y9 I’d say it’s a good option. It was scary at first but it has opened up so many opportunities. You are all in the same position and you get to meet lots of new people and it’s really worth it. It paid off for me.”

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