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Rachel Gilbert

Designing vehicles of the future

After spending years confined to the pages of science-fiction, driverless cars are now a reality and the world needs a new wave of engineers and programmers to design, build and programme the next generation of autonomous vehicles. Year 10 students were challenged by STEM organisation, the Smallpiece Trust to build and program their own autonomous vehicles which could safely navigate their way around a cityscape.

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How many nails can you balance on a nailhead?

That was the question posed to a number of our Sixth Form students who had applied for work experience with Stanley Engineered Fastenings.

Working together with former student now HR Apprentice, Lauryn Baker, we arranged for eight students to attend an interview day based at UTC. To secure a work experience placement, students had to participate in an aptitude test, a team task and a short interview with Lauryn.

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Business Mentoring Day

Providing our students with a greater insight into the world of industry, we launched our first Business Mentoring Day. We invited our employer partners along to share their knowledge, skills and experience with our students in a bid to help guide them towards positive career choices.

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