Studying at UTC Warrington in Year 12 is a little bit different from the regular post-16 experience. You can tailor your engineering, science or digital studies to fit around your interest, abilities and ambitions. You can also work towards A-levels that complement your studies.

UTCW offers some of the very best facilities for Science, Engineering and Technology in Warrington and the wider region, because we believe that our young people deserve the chance to excel in STEM subjects by accessing the very best equipment available.

In 2019, Ofsted graded the UTC Good in all areas. The inspectors were particularly impressed with the quality of teaching in the sixth form, the outcomes for students and the destinations they go into upon leaving the UTC.

  • The % of graduates securing a STEM apprenticeship is over five times the national average.
  • All who wanted to have gone to a leading UK university and 100% of those are studying STEM degrees.

Specialist and expert teachers in every subject will bring their industry experience to the foreground and instil in you the passion and commitment they feel for their subjects. They will expertly lead you through the exam requirements, coursework assessments and support you in making the next step in your chosen career. At UTCW, we believe in achievement, excellence and kindness. Learning extends beyond the classroom and the exam board. Our real-life projects, high quality work placements and specialist business engagement will prepare you for a future career in industry by honing the skills that employers want to see.

Our small college allows for dedicated personalised learning that will transform you into a professional student with the confidence to study at any university or secure top jobs with national and international employers.

Our close links with both local universities, as well as local STEM employers and national companies will ensure that you leave UTCW well connected with an exceptional awareness of how to succeed in your chosen field.

“The quality of teaching in the sixth form is good. As in the rest of the college, teachers are knowledgeable about their subjects and are respected by students.” Ofsted, 2019.


“Students do particularly well in technical subjects. They show strong commitment to preparing themselves for their future careers or for higher education. The proportion leaving to take up higher apprenticeships is above the national average.” Ofsted, 2019.

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Specialist Pathways


A Level 3 BTEC in Engineering will open the door to career opportunities in civil, mechanical, electronic and design sectors. The course provides students the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills in the design, development and manufacture and maintenance of engineering products and system.

You can read more detailed information for each qualification in the Course Specification. 

  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Engineering (Equivalent to three A Levels)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Engineering (Equivalent to two A Levels) + complimentary A Levels.

Civil Engineering (Built Environment)

A Level 3 BTEC in Civil Engineering will focus on developing skills in design, analysis and evaluation across a range of Civil Engineering topics. Modern infrastructure such as buildings, roads and bridges have all been designed, built and maintained by civil engineering professionals. This course will provide you with the skills and knowledge needed for an exciting career in the Construction industry, such as building surveying, site management, and architecture.

For detailed course information, please read the course specification.

We have put together an information document with the details about this course and details of each module. Click here for more details.

  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Civil Engineering (Equivalent to three A Levels)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Civil Engineering (Equivalent to two A Levels) + complimentary A Levels

Computer Science (Cyber)

A BTEC Level 3 in Computing is a stimulating and challenging programme of study that equips students with the confidence to progress successfully into further study or the world of work.

This qualification has been designed with input from professional partners who want learners to have knowledge and skills in computing, including programming, problem solving, and critical thinking. This BTEC will open up technical careers in IT such as programming and software development or computer engineering.

Course content includes: Principles of Computer Science; Fundamentals of Computer Systems; Computer Games Development; Website Development.

You can learn more about this qualification by reading the Course Specification.

  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Computing (Equivalent to 3 A Levels)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Computing (Equivalent to two A Levels) + complimentary A Levels


A Level 3 BTEC in Applied Science meets the needs of employers who are looking for well qualified and skilled people to work in the fields of Science, Technology, and Engineering. Students will benefit from acquiring technical and employability skills, alongside a greater confidence in the knowledge and understanding of core scientific principles.

This qualification is aimed at students who prefer to study our specialist science curriculum through assessments rather than exams. All three sciences – Biology, Physics, Chemistry – are taught but in a “real life” context.

Students will acquire a high level of practical laboratory skills, alongside a context-based approach to delivering the theory. Modules include Biomedial Science, Material Science, Forensic Science, and Astronomy.

Alongside our Higher Education partner, Manchester Metropolitan University, our students have access to leading facilities both at the UTC and on the university campus. There are opportunities for university visits and lectures, alongside exposure to scientific workplaces.

You can read more about the course by reading the Course Specification.

  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Applied Science (Equivalent to three A Levels)
  • Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Diploma in Applied Science (Equivalent to two A Levels) + complimentary A Levels

How to apply

If this sounds like the right place to continue your studies and secure an excellent career in STEM, please complete our application form.

Once we’ve received your application, we will arrange for you to come into the UTC to meet with a member of the teaching team to discuss your study options and the GCSE grades you’ll need to achieve.

“Leaders use industrial visits very effectively to enliven the curriculum and prepare students for life at work. These build on students’ existing knowledge and enhance their research and reporting skills.” Ofsted, 2019.
“Leaders ensure that students develop the knowledge, skills and behaviours that will support them in their future studies or careers. The sixth-form curriculum is tightly focused on STEM subjects, in order to meet the needs of employers and students. Leaders ensure that the sixth-form curriculum is evolving to meet these needs.” Ofsted, 2019.
“Students in the sixth form appreciate their distinct, separate learning environment and more relaxed dress code, although most still choose to follow the college’s overall uniform policy. Sixth-form students look smart and professional.” Ofsted, 2019.
“Students engage well in their studies. They pay attention in class and behave respectfully towards their teachers and towards each other. Peer support is a common feature of sixth-form learning.” Ofsted, 2019.